These powerful, driven, ambitious leaders seemed to already have it all. By society's standards, they'd achieved the pinnacle of success.

But they knew there was more, and Shameca has helped them to explore, unlock, and conquer that "more".

Kristin made $55,350 in 21 days

"I knew I wanted to work with Shameca, but I didn't know where I was going to get the money. Within hours of deciding that I was going to register for her one day messaging intensive, I made a sale that covered my investment. Then, during the intensive, I committed myself to make the leap to her Play Big program and within 24 hours, I used what she taught me to make a sale that MORE than covered that investment too!"

Audria added $154k to her business in 2 weeks

“There is so much money that can happen in your direct messages. Shameca showed me how to cash in and know who I want to serve and how to ask for what I’m worth. Now, I don’t have to prolong the process and I can enroll people faster than I thought possible… I’m attracting the people who value my services and who don’t think twice about investing in themselves. They’re ready to say ‘yes’ to their next level.”

Karla made $152,263 in ONE week

“Success doesn’t take time, it takes courage. I live by this everyday. I was afraid to be more me and that held me back even more. But, when I expanded my idea of what’s possible, then more possibilities came! Shameca helped me step into the more that I know is mine to claim… it can be scary to dream BIG, but it’s so worth it!”

Chantel celebrated her biggest month EVER

“In Sales School, Shameca taught me that whatever comes natural to me is what I do best. Once I realized what I was really good at, then I was able to own what I wanted to create in the world. Shameca showed me that if I kept doing what I’ve always done, then it was going to be very hard for me to get the level of results that I wanted and deserved. Within the first six weeks of being in Sales School, I’ve already made $27,625 – my biggest month EVER!”

Mercy went from start-up to 6-figures in 9 months

“Shameca had me identify what we were tolerating in our business and what I needed to stop doing. I recognized that I was giving away too much of my talent and time for free. I went from charging $35 an hour for new clients to unapologetically charging $1,500 per client to work with me – and I’ve never looked back. Now, I have 59 paying clients, even during the pandemic.”

Katti made more in 60 days than she made all last year

“I tried SO many things but I would crash and burn every time. I could never master the sales game. But, Shameca helped me see that my challenge wasn’t just sales. She showed me that my messaging needed to be elevated and she showed me how to implement strategies fast that would give me results. I was finally able to move beyond my fear of failure, own doing things differently, and make money faster with ease.”

Lia crushed $156k in brand NEW sales in a single day

“I started my journey with 53 cents in my pocket and on the streets. That matters because I knew THIS moment was coming – I just didn’t know when. I knew I was meant to do more and to serve more people… I passed $100,000 once and crashed because I wasn’t ready to be in that place yet. I didn’t make any money after that milestone. But, I made $156k in a day, and then the next week I made $1,000 and then something clicked and I made $42k MORE. So, in 6 weeks I’ve made $198k! Now, this is my NEW normal!”

Gabrielle went from $10k months to $30k weeks with confidence

“Having a place to be ourselves and to make mistakes and to learn from each other has been so powerful for me. I’ve done other coaching programs before and I’ve always been afraid of being judged or being vulnerable. And, so I suffered for a long time in silence, never getting the level of results I wanted. But, Shameca knows exactly how to show you what you need and she’s here to hold you accountable because she believes in your next level!”



Master the art of six figures with ease because you deserve to know how.