Now that you’ve absorbed all the great training above, if you feel you’re ready to STEP UP and move forward with your business fast then apply now. My Intensive Programs are designed to help you get the guidance and RESULTS that you desire in your business.


It’s time for you to transcend limits, elevate your leadership, uplevel your peer group, and redefine success. 

PROXIMITY is an application-only 12-month program that marries true group masterminding with highly-customized 1:1 consulting, direct mentorship with our strategy team,

and unique in-person events,  to create a dynamic experience that emphasizes community, customization, and next-level strategic guidance.

It’s time for you to transcend limits, elevate your leadership, uplevel your peer group, and redefine success.


Weekly mastermind sessions focused on mindset leadership, culture, lean management, operational excellence,  productivity and more, facilitated by our board of strategists.

2 cultivated in-person retreats, combining strategic guidance, coaching, implementation, and masterminding with your peers.

A private client Facebook group to ask questions, get feedback, and collaborate with the community.

Weekly Strategic Advisory live with Shameca bi-monthly  Monday at 2pm PST to stay on the cutting-edge of market shifts and business strategy with actionable insights.

Two 1:1 VIP sessions with a master strategist, to dive deep into your specific challenges, goals, and action items.

World Class Business Education access a vault of resources that will equip you to achieve your highest business goals.

A community of multi- 6 and 7-figure business owners  to connect, collaborate and mastermind with.

Immerse yourself in a powerful, results-driven ecosystem that fosters limitless thinking, breakthrough ideas, and collaborative excellence.

You’ll join an elite circle of visionary CEOs and industry leaders committed to exponential growth and groundbreaking success.


After more than a decade working directly with thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners via our live events and coaching programs, we know that the first million is the hardest, and the true shift required to bring it into view is a strategic blend of mindset, methodology, mentorship, and masterminding that meets you where you are and guide and expanse you as a leader.

Our dedication to excellence in business mentorship is unparalleled. Experience mentorship like never before and watch every facet of your life transform. As you join our community, you'll become a better human, spouse, parent, friend, sibling, leader, and CEO. With the powerful resources and meaningful relationships we provide, you'll gain the clarity and momentum needed to bring your next level of success into view. Preparing you to elevate your entire existence and unlock your full potential.

This program is about mentorship NOT masterclasses and modules and we are also aware that resources can be helpful, So, you’ll also receive access to the entire library of Shameca’s training and business assets.

Are you ready to engage high level support to master the game that is required to claim your biggest boldest possibilities?

PROXIMITY is a one-year hands-on, immersive experience and mentorship program fused with high-level, personal support. 


Countless clients create their first 6-Figure month, week, day, sale

7-Figure growth in 18 months

Inc. 500 recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S.

Best Selling Author

Giving Back: 2 fully-funded project with charity: Unstoppable Foundation (built a community with schools, water)

Success Women of Influence

Featured in Forbes, Inc., ABC,
NBC and more.

Member of the B.O.W. Collective: prestiges group of million dollar women owned businesses


CASE STUDY: From $20k/yrs to Half a Million

Gabrielle Leonard

Shameca gets me and she’s experienced difficult things so she doesn’t sugar coat things. She does the energetic work and the financial work to hold you accountable to making BIG money. In the past 3 years working with her, my life has been incredibly changed. I went from being homeless to now having multiple 6-figure months.

CASE STUDY: I'm Having $100k Days Now

Karla Silver

Working with Shameca is fierce because she has the ability to lovingly push you to grow your business. She holds you accountable to stepping into your full power. I’ve made $100k+ in a week multiple times and am having $100k days now.

CASE STUDY:  Crushed 6-Figures In 30 Days

Lia Dunlap

I saw the amazing results that Shameca got with other clients and I wanted a part of it. I’ve spent $200,000+ on coaches over the last 24 years. And, I can tell you what Shameca does is unlikely anything you can get anywhere else. I knew this was what I needed to catapult my business. Within 30 days of working with Shameca, I crushed my 6-figure ceiling and am well on my way to hitting 7-figures this year.

CASE STUDY: I Had a $226,000 Day

Karen Donaldson

I experienced Shameca and she holds space for me. It’s always been a challenge for me to find a coach that is about both strategy and mindset to release the fighting and show up powerfully – everywhere I am! She always shows me how to pull more out of me. Thanks to Shameca’s strategies and the confidence she gave me, I had a $226,000 day!

CASE STUDY: 6-Figures In A Single Day

Jhéanell Adams

I was looking for someone to take me to the next level and I KNEW Shameca was the only person to help me get there. She is a breath of fresh air because she is always her authentic self. She sees me and she understands what I have inside. Shameca taught me to collapse time and what took me a year to make – I’m making 6-figures in a single day!

CASE STUDY: My Biggest Month Ever

Chantel IkaMoana Finau

In Sales School, Shameca taught me that whatever comes natural to me is what I do best. Once I realized what I was really good at, then I was able to own what I wanted to create in the world. Shameca showed me that if I kept doing what I’ve always done, then it was going to be very hard for me to get the level of results that I wanted and deserved. Within the first six weeks of being in Sales School, I made $27,625 – my biggest month EVER!